Stop your shoelaces coming undone

Do you want to stop your shoelaces coming undone when you’re running?

We get asked all the time why we use this lacing method, when fitting shoes in-store and the answer is simple. It helps to stop your shoelaces coming undone when you’re running.

As customers in-store test run their shoes in the street outside we don’t double knot them to help speed things up; however if we did the single knot that most people do then they would keep undoing; so we have used this simple trick for years now and thought we would share it with everyone.

You can apply it with double knots as well for maximum security and hold; the secret is all in the double twist and although simple, you’ll be amazed how effective it can be!

Of course for the ultimate in secure lacing then check out the amazing Xtenex laces, they don’t slip or even need to be tied!

Xtenex laces
Xtenex Laces don’t need to be tied, thanks to their unique design.

If you have any tips and tricks then why not share them in the comments below to help your fellow runners.



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