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Oofos recovery sandals product review

Last updated on July 16th, 2018 at 10:29 am

Being a runner, you put your legs and feet through some tough workouts, without proper recovery this can lead to both long and short-term injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, Stress Fractures and Extensor Tendonitis, not something any keen runner wants to endure. Oofos recovery sandals try and prevent this issues with their shock-absorbing post run footwear.

If you are anything like us, after running for a fair amount of time, what’s the first thing you want to do when you’ve finished? Take off those shoes! Even if you have the comfiest, most cushioned shoes available, at the end of a long run your feet can feel sore, battered and you just need to get them off. This is where Oofos claim to bridge the gap, slip these on when you withdraw from your running shoes and you will be providing the comfort and recovery your feet need.

We got the chance to try these out first-hand in-store.


OOFOS Flip flop for runners


At the heart of OOFOS is their evolutionary new foam, which they dub OOfoam. All running shoes contain a certain form of patented foam technology, but running shoes cater to responsiveness in order to provide the spring back you need when running, OOfoam does the opposite, it absorbs shock (up to 37% more than normal foam materials). They also have amazing arch support, unlike any other supportive shoe/sandal we have tried, which will be a godsend to all those that suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.

The foam also maintains its cushioning for the lifespan of the sandals, however, we haven’t had them long enough to thoroughly test this. On top of these benefits, the sandals are also machine washable, making them a doddle to clean.

Oofos have 3 main styles to choose from:

  • OOahh – Their sports style sandal
  • OOriginal – Their original flip-flop based sandal
  • OOcloog – The closed toe clog

Oofos OOahh

Oofos OOahh recovery sandal

These are a popular choice among many runners, they are easy to slide on and off, comfortable and look like a standard sandal. Although not the best-looking sandal, we agree, they are incredibly comfortable!

The strap is a soft material so there was no chafing or rubbing on the top of the feet or toes, they were very light and the cushioning was enjoyable while offering awesome arch support.


These should be a must-have in the bag of every runner gearing up for a long race, they will be a godsend to sore or aching feet and seem to do a good job at exactly what they were made for.

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Oofos OOcloog

OOFOS OOcloog recovery clog

The ‘sports’ clog comes in a variety of colours and is designed to be a more everyday wearable model. They look like a standard clog, but are extremely light, waterproof and really soft.

The OOcloog feels plush but supportive, you can feel the added support around the arch and the cushioning seems to absorb enough pressure to relieve a fair amount of lower leg pain, which will be ideal for any of those that experience plantar fasciitis, shin splints or lower leg pain.


Style-wise, you won’t be wearing these out to dinner. But they definitely have a place in a runners bag, the support and cushioning helps alleviate those post-run aches and pains and would be perfect for any runner that needs something to aid recovery. I can also see these being ideal for those with occupations that involve a lot of standing up such as healthcare or retail.

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Oofos OOriginal

OOFOS ooriginal sport recovery sandal

Probably the Oofos best-seller, if you are a fan of flip-flops, these should be your next pair. Sliding these on should feel like a standard flip-flop, but they don’t, the first thing you will not is the soft cushioning and prominent arch support. The toe post and strap is made of the soft OOfoam, meaning no chafing or rubbing. The strap comes around to the mid of the foot, meaning you foot stays supported and in place, even when wet.

On added plus to the Oofos OOriginal are the fact they are completely moisture and bacteria resistant, which means they will never smell and will always float on water.

OOriginal sport outdoor

Just remember, these are a post-run sandal (or every day!) so we don’t recommend you run in them, as we found they are not really secure enough for more than a brisk walk…but who runs in flip-flops anyway!

Perfect for the summer.

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Overall Verdict

If you can get over the funny name and slightly weird designs (looking at you OOcloog), the OOFOS range offer a seriously comfortable post-workout sandal that you can immediately feel the benefits of. The OOfoam technology has proved itself a worthy contender for footwear cushioning and some may even find the overall feel…too soft! Overall we feel that Oofos should be in a class of their own, and anyone who tries these out will most likely end up buying another pair…they’re that good.

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Already own a pair? Let us know what you think in the comments.

OOFOS Recovery Sandals











  • Lightweight
  • Great Cushioning
  • Amazing Arch Support
  • Anti-Odour
  • Water Resistant


  • Some may find them too soft
  • Slightly bulky design
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