The Wonders of Juicing


Juicing has become quite controversial over the years so let’s clear up these issues. Learn to see through the bad science as this is truly a phenomenal way to boost your health and quality of life, here is our quick guide:

  • Juicing was once a way of witches and wizards, ‘magic potions and elixirs’ that have miraculous regenerative healing powers. Back in those days, juice extraction would have been done by hand and could take days before a full juice has been squeezed. Now days with modern juicers you can have your elixir in just 20 minutes. This really is fast food!
  • Juicing strips the fibre from the fruit and vegetable and extracts the pure organic nutrients that are held within. Eating fruit and veg is great but this is really a much better way to get many more veggies in your diet without the burden of too much fibre. Although fibre is very important to keep things moving it also slows down the extraction of the actual nutrients contained within. To get the benefits of juice without juicing would be impossible as you just cannot consume this amount of vegetation in one day.Juicer, juicing
  • Pouring your juice into a blender and adding some avocado can make for a more complete meal as avocados contain high amount of essential fats. This would also add a fair amount of fibre that doesn’t affect the absorption rates. Adding avocado will also make your juice smooth and creamy.
  • Juicing fruit and veggies yourself is completely different to buying a premade drink at a supermarket. Any juice that has been premade will have been cooked to ensure shelf life. Unfortunately this is the wrong approach to juice as all of the nutrients would have been destroyed during the heating process and all you’re really ending up with is a sugar buzz/crash. Making fresh juice yourself is easy and cost effective but most of all it will still have all those great RAW enzymes, vitamins and minerals that the body is designed to consume.
  • Replacing just one meal a day with a fresh juice will be very beneficial to your mind, body and spirit. Also this gives your digestive system a nice break from the strains of fibre and giving you a good clean out whilst it’s doing it.
  • Because this is pure untouched living juice it will not have much of a shelf life. A juice made from a centrifugal juicer exposes the juice to a lot of oxygen and can really reduce its shelf life. Though these juicers are the most cost effective and still provide very nutritious juice it will not last any longer than a day and should be consumed ASAP. A masticating juicer on the other hand has a much slower process of extraction and although this can take more time, if you need to make your juice the day before and store it overnight this is a much better option though it can cost a bit more than a centrifugal.
  • There are many recipes for some great juices and we advise you start with recipes rather than a freestyle approach for beginners as they can taste quite bitter and off putting otherwise. Jason Vale has some of the best recipes for beginners and has many books on the subject plus many recipe books that can benefit the whole family. This is a good place to start.
  • Get your children involved! Most kids love the process of juicing as it can be fun to watch if you have a see through juicer. It is also a great way to get many great veggies into your children’s lifestyles.

If you are interested in juicing, please research and learn about this amazing subject and pass on this important information. This is really a good move in the right direction for mankind and mother earth. Have fun and enjoy your new level of health!

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