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Introducing Torq Nutrition

Torq Nutrition

Although Torq is a relatively new brand in the sports industry, it’s worth remembering that it was established in the UK in 1999 and subsequently Torq nutrition has developed as a premium product in the cycling market. Now Torq are keen to develop their brand recognition in the running market and why not? We have reviewed and tested the products and they are certainly very high quality products, they taste fantastic and come in a range of interesting flavours; especially the gels with added guarana; they definitely give you a kick!

So what’s Different about Torq?

We all know there is way more choice than is necessary in the sports nutrition market; sometimes it can be quite daunting when you try to negotiate the multitude of options available! Torq have tried to set themselves apart with the following key principles:

  • British Company and made in the UK.
  • Made with ingredients that are sourced in the UK.
  • It’s 100% natural with no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.
  • It’s virtually fat free.
  • They offer fully certified organic products and use organic ingredients where possible in their non-certified products. 
  • They use fairtrade ingredients.
  • The product has an excellent shelf life.
  • Their dosing system (Torq fuelling system) is backed by real scientific research.

All this adds up to quite an impressive résumé, it’s no wonder we decided to take on Torq nutrition in-store and online!

Torq Gel

So what’s the Torq Fuelling System?

To make fuelling your body simpler, Torq have designed the Torq fuelling system. Every gel or bar or serving of Torq natural energy drink equates to one “Torq unit” this unit has been designed with endurance athletes in mind and Torq have conducted extensive research to establish the amount of carbohydrate needed for certain durations of exercise. They have determined that most people would benefit from 2 units per hour or if you are a serious performer or are participating in very prolonged or intense exercise then stepping it up to 3 units will benefit you. However they also say that there is no point having more than 3 Torq units per hour as your body can’t absorb the additional energy and it could result in stomach upsets.

This makes it easy to decide how much Torq nutrition to consume during a race or training session; all you need to decide is how you will consume the units; 3 gels, 2 gels and a serving of drink; or a bar, gel and drink? The choice is yours, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the weather and humidity can affect how much fluid you need to consume, so if it’s very hot you would be better off having 3 units of drink, whereas if you’re going for a hard hike in the cold, you may prefer to have 2 bars and a drink. For more information check out Torq’s fuelling page.

Can’t wait to get your hands on this quality sports nutrition?

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