The Benefits of Running Tights

Benefits of Wearing running tights

A proper pair of running tights are one of the greatest inventions for serious runners, period. We get it, they’re not always the most attractive addition to your running attire…but hey, this isn’t a fashion show, and the benefits of tights go way beyond just comfort and can offer serious advantages.

Performance Compression

You can read our full rundown on the benefits of compression here, but most tights offer some form of compression benefit (some more than others). But compression benefits your run by increasing circulation and blood flow, especially important for you marathon and long-distance runners.

Wearing any form of compression can help keep off tired legs for longer than normal, something that every runner strives for, as well as providing improved recovery. Giving you that extra edge when running.

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Wind resistance

Although not a priority advantage to most runners and certainly not for those opting for shorts, but running tights offer a decrease in drag that you may have with clothing that has more fabric, such as jogging bottoms or sweatpants. If your main focus is time and overall performance, running tights may help you achieve your goal.

Warming…and cooling

One of the clear benefits of tights over other apparel, is the additional warmth during colder months. Proper running tights provide that layer of extra protection from the cold elements, but the technology they provide, means you won’t overheat. A good pair of tights helps wick away sweat and provide enough breathability that grants the perfect amount of comfort.

Running tights also come in different lengths, meaning you don’t have to give them up on warmer days.

Protection & Safety

The extra layer on your legs provides the extra advantage of protecting your skin from the elements and terrain. Serious runners hit the routes regardless of the weather, running tights keep your skin safe in all conditions. The extra benefit is debris flicked up for trail runners, no longer will be subjected to loose stones and wet mud.

Most tights have some form of reflective technology for those night runners, either through design or some form of logo or zip. Zip pockets are also often featured to help keep safe any valuables you run with, usually big enough for items such as keys, cards and smaller phones. Allowing you to run unhindered.

So next time your shopping for new running clothing, keep running tights at the front of your mind, or head instore and try a pair on – regardless of the running benefits, they’re amazingly comfortable…seriously, you’ll never want to take them off!