Superfeet Flex Review

Superfeet Flex Review

Superfeet have long been the industry leaders in supportive, yet comfortable insoles. This recent product range launch called Superfeet Flex is the latest addition to an already comprehensive range and is specifically designed as an entry-level price point for those looking to try an insole for the first time.

It is also pitched as a great product for those looking for a lighter, softer insole that isn’t quite as supportive as the main trim-to-fit or custom range.

The Superfeet flex comes in three versions:

  • Flex High – Which features 5mm durable Aerospring foam, so perfect for footwear that is fairly spacious.
  • Flex Mid – Featuring 4mm Aerospring foam, so will take up a little less volume.
  • Flex Low – Uses 3mm Aerospring foam, making the insole very compact for shoes that have less space in them.
  • Superfeet Flex

Three insoles for three fits.

The Specs

The Superfeet Flex range all carry a very reasonable RRP of £25, so perfect for those looking for the 3D comfort of a well supporting and cushioned insole, at a low price.

The key features of the insole are:

  • The Aerospring foam, is where the insoles get their cushioning, this viscoelastic closed cell material cushions and provides long lasting comfort throughout the day.
  • Flexible Heel Cradle, a thermoplastic horseshoe-shaped support piece, located under the foot; which helps sit the foot into a better position and forms the foundation of the arch support in the insole.
  • Odor Control, thanks to a high quality top sheet material which helps to inhibit microbial growth.

The Looks

Superfeet Flex Mid

Not being that important in something that spends pretty much it’s entire life sat in the bottom of a shoe. I feel that the look of an insole should never even be considered when purchasing.

That said the Superfeet Flex range is colour coded so you can determine if you have either the Flex High (Green Heel), Flex Medium (Orange Heel) or Flex Low (Blue Heel) insole in your hands; which is a nice feature.

They are also pretty cool looking compared to the majority of the low cost insoles on the market, with a nice patterned top sheet and quality finish all round.

Overall Thoughts

Superfeet Flex

The Superfeet Flex range is a welcome addition to the excellent insole range that Superfeet already offer.

This new product is a perfect starting insole if you are just looking for a subtle amount of support, but want the 3D shape of a proper insole rather than the flat shape of the standard manufacturer shoe insoles.

They are also great as a cushioning upgrade to your shoes or to improve the fit of shoes that are slightly looser on you.

We would still recommend coming in-store and speaking to one of our footwear consultants for a biomechanical check up and insole fitting. Getting the size perfect is so important and there’s a lot more to it, than simply picking the size that matches your foot size!

And remember all Superfeet insoles including the flex come with the fantastic 60 day money back guarantee; allowing you to return them for a full refund if you’re not happy within 60 days.

If you can’t make it in or want to browse our Superfeet insoles online then click the button below.

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