Smartshake – The Smartest Drink Shaker

Welcoming Smartshake – The World’s Smartest Shaker

We have recently started stocking this fantastic product, purely out of demand! Normally you would expect to find a protein shaker in the likes of your local body building store, but many of our customers take protein drinks as part of their overall nutrition plan and of course for recovery from exercise. So we thought if we’re going to stock a shaker, obviously it would have to be the best one on the market, this is where Smartshake comes in. Developed in Sweden by Mikael Nilsson, a normal gym user who was fed up with carrying around lots of little plastic bags of protein powder, after a nine months of development he finally launched the product in Sweden in 2009 and after huge success in the USA, it recently came to the UK.

What’s Different about Smartshake?

Smartshake Bottle CADAs you can see from the picture the Smartshake consists of several sections that screw together to form a protein shaker that has two additional separate sections for storing a couple of powder servings, or a protein serving and some pills; I’ve even known people to keep their locker key in one section! As well as this fantastic functionality the shaker is made from the highest quality BPA and DEHP-free food grade plastic and 100% leakproof. It’s also tough; you can put it in the freezer, dishwasher and even the microwave no problems. Perfect if you take a few servings of protein throughout the day and don’t want to take your 3 kg bag into work!

We stock the classic series of Smartshake shaker, which is 600ml in the main section and also comes with an integrated mini karabiner so you can clip the shaker to a gym bag or better still, attach your keys to the shaker.

So if you have had enough of messy shakers and trying to take protein around with you, then why not try a Smartshake Shaker?


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