Polar V800 GPS & Heart Rate monitor Review


Polar V800Polar have long been synonymous with high-quality heart rate monitors, their latest offering, the Polar V800, sets a new benchmark for GPS-enabled heart rate monitors.

This sleek, multi-sport device is designed to provide users with comprehensive real-time performance and tracking data in a small, durable wearable. More than just a heart rate monitor, this premium training aid is a digital fitness coach; it delivers both real-time feedback and long-term tracking to help you optimize your physical conditioning.

The Basics

The class-leading Polar V800 is fully compatible with all Polar Bluetooth Smart cycling, heart rate and running sensors.  Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, the V800 has preset profiles for many popular sports such as running, cycling, skiing and swimming, making this a solid choice among triathletes and other multi-sport enthusiasts.

The GPS lets you both record your training route and monitor how different routes impact your speed, time and heart rate. With the Polar V800, you can plan your workouts based on past performance and your own personal fitness goals.

Waterproof to 30m, it delivers accurate heart rate measurement even when submerged, thanks to the dual-mode transmitter. The V800 is also equipped with an altimeter and barometric pressure monitor, perfect for athletes who compete in different environments.

One very strong new feature of the V800 is that it is completely software and firmware updateable, so as new features are released by Polar, you will be able to plug-in and update and instantly have new features and modes; this gives the V800 real long-term value, as you won’t be seeking a new watch after a year or two, because any new features will be downloadable.

Fit and Finish

V800 SideviewAbsolutely no compromises have been made in the build of the Polar V800; refinement and quality are the first words that enter your mind when you hold it. The V800 is encased in a durable metal body, and the face is constructed of impact-resistant, scratch-proof Corning Gorilla Glass. The easy-to-read, flat black and white screen is large enough to be practical, yet small enough to be unobtrusive, the buttons feel solid and perfectly crafted whilst offering a highly refined “press”. This is the sort of sportswatch you would feel comfortable wearing with your best business suit or even as a casual timepiece.

Track and Train With The Polar Flow App

The Polar V800 heart rate monitor includes all the same popular features as the Polar Loop, including hassle-free syncing with the Polar Flow mobile app. The Flow app lets you analyze your performance, compare results with others and track progress using various metrics and sport-specific data.

V800 Smart Coaching

V800 ipad resizedAnother perk of the V800 are the Smart Coaching features; these tools provide personalized feedback on recovery time, post-workout recaps and orthostatic and fitness testing. When combined with the Polar Flow app, you can access high-level, sport-specific tracking and training that can help you achieve your sport and fitness goals without burning yourself out.

What’s Included

The Polar V800 is offered as a package, complete with a Polar H7 heart rate sensor; users who already own a compatible Polar heart rate chest strap can purchase the V800 as a stand-alone unit (available August 2014). Available in with either a black or royal blue wrist strap, this wearable GPS-enabled training computer ships with a custom USB sync and charging cable and a quick-start guide.

Is The Polar V800 Right For You?

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a new GPS-enabled heart rate monitor, your patience has paid off. The V800 is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition when it comes to features and performance, not to mention the undeniable credibility of the Polar nameplate.

The Polar V800 heart rate monitor is a must-have for any serious runner, athlete or fitness buff who wants to not only train harder, but train smarter.

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