Polar M400 Review

Polar M400

 Polar M400 Overview

It’s been an exciting year for running GPS watches and heart rate monitors and now Polar have gone and upped the bar even further with this fantastic product at such an incredible price. After the release of Polar’s super high quality feature packed V800 earlier in the year we thought that would be it as far as new products go from the Finnish heart rate monitor company, but they surprised us all with the secretive unveiling of this extremely good value for money GPS unit just a few days ago.  As is becoming normal with their products, the Polar M400 is available with both the heart rate monitor in the box or without heart rate monitor strap (this can then be purchased separately later if preferred); the heart rate version will be available for only £169.50 or only £134.50 if you don’t need the heart rate strap from the start. This is a ridiculously low price for what you’ll soon realise is a highly equipped GPS running watch, rivals at the same price range quite simply don’t compete for features.

Polar M400 Main Features

Polar M400 FeaturesThe icons above show some of the main features found in the Polar M400, but by no means all of the features here is a quick summary of the above features:

Activity Guide – This is effectively like having the Polar Loop activity tracker, built into the watch, it measures all of your daily movements, including sleep patterns, time spent sitting, walking, running, etc. Using this information the unit can set daily activity targets for you to aim towards depending on your activity level and fitness aspirations.

Activity Benefit – This feature sends you a report message to the unit giving you feedback on your activity levels; more detailed information on your activity levels can be found when you download your information to the Polar Flow website.

Training Benefit – Similar to the activity benefit, you’ll receive a message after your exercise sessions, showing you a summary of the benefit of your training, be it improved cardio, great fatburning or whatever the effect the session had on your body; again more detail can be analysed in the Polar online app.

Running Index – This feature tells you how the efficiency of your running is improving, so if you want to specifically monitor your performance when it comes to running, then this is an excellent feature; you’ll be able to track your running efficiency. It uses both Heart rate and speed data to calculate a score for you; you can use this score to track progress and even predict running event finishing times!

Smart Calories – The Polar smart calorie counter is far more accurate that many standard calorie counteers as it takes into account your height, weight, age, gender and activity levels to form a much more accurate estimate off the calories you are using during exercise.

Fitness Test – The Polar fitness test has been developed over years of testing and is now so accurate it rivals any lab-based sub-maximal VO2 test. Using heart rate data and fluctuations at rest it will provide you with a VO2 max figure, that you can use to track your performance in just 5 minutes of testing.

What’s in the box?

Polar M400


The Polar M400 comes in two colours in each of the two versions (with heart rate strap included and without heart rate strap included) so depending if you choose heart rate or not will determine what’s in your box; however here is a quick table showing what is in each box:

Polar M400
(without heart rate monitor)
Polar M400
(with heart rate monitor)
M400 GPS WatchM400 GPS Watch
USB to micro USB CableUSB to micro USB Cable
Quick Start GuideQuick Start Guide
Polar H7 heart rate module
Soft Chest Strap for H7 heart rate module

Other features of the Polar M400

So as well as the main smart coaching feature seen above, the M400 is packed full of further features to ensure that all but the most elite of athletes will have the features they need to exercise smartly and monitor their progress accurately.

Full Running GPS Functionality:

  • Including back to start which will navigate you back to where you started, auto start/stop will start or stop the clock as you move or stop, finish time estimator can tell you what time you will finish based on your pace.
  • Pace, Distance, Speed and Altitude thanks to the integrated GPS sensor.
  • Communicates with other devices via Bluetooth or micro USB.
  • Firmware Upgradable – so any future updates will automatically update the unit when connected to Polar Flow website or app.

Watch Features: 

  • Includes Heart Rate function
  • Backlight
  • Battery life: Up to 8 h training time (when both GPS and HR in use), 24 days in time mode with daily activity monitoring
  • Rechargeable battery with standard micro-USB cable
  • Date and weekday indicator
  • Button lock
  • Time of day (12/24h) with alarm and snooze
  • Water resistant – 30m

Check out this inspirational video on running with the M400:

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