On Cloudflyer Running Shoes Review

The On Cloudflyer running shoes are On’s ‘mid-tier’ version of a lightweight mid stability shoe. It is ideal for runners looking for moderate support but ideally want a more minimal, lightweight shoe.

Although priced at the higher end of the market, the On Cloudflyer provides a fair number of features and an unrivalled style within the running shoe market.

Out of the box, you will love them. Keeping true to On’s upper market design, it is hard not to find these visually stunning.

Most people will also notice the low-profile laces, they are thin, although these do not seem to affect their performance on staying tied during a run.

When worn, you will instantly notice the memory foam cushioned insoles, however, this is well-adjusted with the firmness of the sole. These aren’t super soft, overly cushioned, that you may expect with the design of the ‘clouds’. But they do offer a good balance between, support and cushioning.

If you are looking for something with a pillow-like feel, you may be more suited to a Hoka or Brooks equivalent.


The On Cloudflyer is perfect for both everyday use and running.


On Cloudflyer Upper

There is no denying On have taken a great design direction for running shoes, especially for the Cloudflyer. They offer a low profile and a fashionable upper, meaning these can easily be used as both an everyday shoe and a performance running shoe.

The On Cloudflyers do come up slightly narrow in the mid-foot, so going a half size bigger than your normal running shoe would be advised, however, they do seem to have some stretch, so if you do find them to be a bit narrow, go for a few runs and they should even out.

The heel fit is good, making use of the adaptive v-model heel cap, working alongside the memory foam insole ensures a great fit.

The toebox feels both stable and comfortable with some slight room for foot expansion over time. Toe-off feels very natural and intuitive.

 With one of the thinnest laces out of any running shoe we have seen, the On star lock system offers a very secure and adjustable fit. Some people may find the ‘thin-ness’ of the laces to be a drawback due to be a smaller feel when tying them up, however, after several runs we found our double knot never came undone.

Some people may prefer to switch them our for a pair of thicker lock laces.

Sole Overview

On Cloudflyer sole

In order to keep these running shoes as light as possible, version 2 of the On Cloudflyer, On have made some subtle, but impactful changes.

The midsole now boasts a lighter, more durable foam allowing the shoes to shed some weight while improving responsiveness.

The ‘clouds’ or iconic pods that are present throughout the On collection, have had a pattern update. They are now slightly wider, and the centre holes have been modified to improve stability. Providing a more level support to the foot and ankle.

However, they are notably firmer than its predecessor. Some runners may prefer this though, as it does provide a more responsive run. But may require others to adapt after a few outings.


On are still emerging within the running industry but have quickly picked up it share of fans. The Cloudflyer is solid proof they are more than capable of making a top tier stability running shoe. Topped off with stunning designs, we can see the Cloudflyer becoming a staple shoe in races for years to come.

All the features of the Cloudflyer balance perfectly together. A beautiful coercion of stability and responsiveness led by the Cloudtec® technology provides perfect propulsion in every stride.

Although a slightly firmer run than other running shoe models, it is to be expected with the stability changes made, and something we can forgive.

Being able to wear these out-and-about while not looking out of place is a welcomed bonus.

The only drawback and hesitation some may have is the high-end price tag retailing at £140.00, cementing themselves at the top end of the market. This drawback can quickly be overlooked after using them though, as they really do offer a lot.

Browse the full range of On Cloudflyer instore or online at Alexandra Sports.

Why not come instore and try a pair or make use of our full gait analysis service to see if they are suitable.

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On Cloudflyer Overall

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The On Cloudflyer is an outstanding running shoe that, despite being relatively new, stands up against the longer standing brands. The only downfall being the price tag and slight firmness.

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