New Race, New Running Shoes

New Running, New Shoes | 1 of 26 Marathon Series

So you’ve decided to sign up for a race. Maybe it’s your first or maybe it’s your fifteenth, either way, there is one crucial thing that you are probably thinking about – new running shoes.

The link between the correct running shoes and a distinct reduction in the possibility of injury is very well established, so it is always wise to consider new shoes before an important race.

In our experience having a running shoe that has had about 100-150 miles run in it, is the optimum, as the shoe will still have that wonderful new shoe feeling; however, you should have broken them in enough to avoid any new shoe niggles, such as rubbing.

So when signing up for a new race take into account the condition of your current running shoes; are they showing signs of wear? See our article on if you need new running shoes, for some good advice on if it’s time to change them.

If you are new to running and are using a new race as a means of motivation, then it’s even more important to get properly fitted running shoes.

Many new runners make the mistake of settling for a basic pair of trainers, as they don’t believe they are good enough for a biomechanically fitted shoe. This theory couldn’t be further from the truth, as new runners are more injury-prone, their muscles and joints haven’t had time to adapt to the stresses of running yet.

So getting yourself properly fitted based on your biomechanics and foot type is probably even more important than for an experienced runner. You can get a full biomechanical assessment (complete with video-gait analysis) at both of our stores. We also offer a premium ViMove assessment for our more experienced runners.

As you will already know the date of the race, and you may have some idea about your weekly mileage, it’s quite easy to plan the purchase of your running shoes. This way you can make sure the shoes have the optimum life left in them, and that your feet are in supreme comfort on the big day.

Remember, don’t make the mistake of using a brand new or old shoe so close to your race date; particularly if you are new to running.

Either way, enjoy your race, have fun and if you are looking for a really cool challenge, why not check out our blog on the Top Ten Events to do Before you Die.

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