Netball Shoes vs. Regular Trainers

Netball Shoes vs. Regular Footwear
Why wearing netball shoes is better than wearing regular trainers

If you’re a netball player you will understand that rigorous demands the sport has. Sudden changes in direction, swift acceleration, constant stop/starts plus jumping and balance, means netball can take a toll on the body of any participant. Netball shoes are built specifically to endure the intense demands of the game.

Did you know a whopping 70% of all netballers don’t wear the correct shoes for the sport and instead opt for basic generic trainers! And people wonder why netball has such a high injury rate!

So Why Choose Netball trainers over normal trainers

All trainers are built for a specific purpose, whether it’s fashion, running, walking or netball; each shoe is designed to do a certain job. Netball shoes are designed to protect your feet from all the stresses the game has to offer.

Benefits of using Netball Shoes:

Increased Traction

– The sole of netball shoes is made with high abrasion rubber compounds, this ensures you have increased grip along with precise flex-grooves to aid those fast-paced turns and rapid acceleration.


Proper support

– Normal trainers don’t have the support that court designed footwear has. Netball shoes have a supportive upper that allows the foot to move but keeps supported in the right places, preventing injuries such as ankle rolls and knee twists.

Advanced cushioning

– Constant stopping and starting, jumping and sliding takes a huge toll on your feet, every netball shoe brand has their own cushioning technologies, but whichever one you choose will no doubt provide much better support than your standard trainers. Better cushioning means happier feet, both in-game and post recovery!


– Synthetic mesh materials used on Netball shoes allows your feet to breath. Higher breathability means less sweat…less sweat means less blisters.

Injury prevention

– This goes alongside proper support, but increased support doesn’t just improve your game performance, it helps prevent those pesky injuries that can put you out for days, if not weeks!


– Netball shoes are designed with high-grade rubbers soles that extend to other high impact areas such as the sides of the toe and heel area. Every netball player can attest that sliding and scraping the foot when pivoting is a common occurrence when playing, when playing in standard trainers, they will wear out…fast!

Lace Design

– this may seem small, but having a proper lace setup for an impact sport can make the world of difference, plus the reduced frustration of having to stop mid-game to do your laces up helps.


Standard footwear is simply not designed for the stop-start nature of netball. Changes in direction and speed require stability, choosing a netball shoe over a standard running shoe helps keep your knees and ankles in place when landing and turning, reducing injuries that can last a lifetime.

Increased performance and reduced injuries are huge benefits that should sway even the casual players to upgrade, but the increased durability means you will be spending less in the long-term making it the economical solution.

Most people understand wearing the correct shoes for sports like Football, Rugby and Tennis…Netball is no different. Do your game and feet a favour, ditch the basic shoes and upgrade to a proper pair.

We have a great selection of netball shoes in both of our stores, where you are welcome to come in, try some on and even get fitted. Alternatively, you can browse our range of netball shoes online from leading brands such as Mizuno and Asics




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