Mizuno Wave Sayonara review



Selected as one of three models with which Mizuno have decided to launch their new revolutionary midsole material (U4ic), the Wave Sayonara is the perfect test bed for this fantastic new midsole concept. Being a race-trainer the Mizuno Wave Sayonara is the perfect shoe for those looking for a fast, lightweight training shoe; or even for heavier runners looking for a more solid racer.

So going back to U4IC, what is it?

Pronounced “Euphoric” it is essentially another cutting edge midsole foam, except in this case it genuinely provides some really tangible benefits. All too often do manufacturers tell us that the foam in “now even lighter”; however having felt the difference between the new Inspire (due for release January 2014) with U4IC and the current model that uses AP+. I can confirm that the U4IC midsole is noticeably lighter, Mizuno claim that it is 30% lighter whilst offering the same level of cushioning and durability, and as sceptical as I normally am; I would not doubt this!We can’t wait for the appearance of U4IC in the midsoles of the 2014 Wave Rider, Creation, Inspire, and one other model that I can’t give away at this point!

For those of you that remember the Wave Elixir and Precision this model has been released as effectively a cross between those two models; however this shoe is lighter than both. Although most of the weight improvements have come from the U4IC midsole, the outsole is still a fantastic combination of Mizuno’s lightweight 3G sole compound as well as softer blown rubber and a durable X10 carbon rubber. These compounds work in harmony to provide a lightweight, responsive, flexible yet durable sole. Mizuno have designed this shoe around the parallel waveplate, to ensure that the shoe has the optimum blend of stability, cushioning and responsiveness in line with the predecessors in its class.

The Sayonara Outsole offers grip as well as fantastic feel and durability.
The Sayonara Outsole offers grip as well as fantastic feel and durability.

Finally there is the upper, I like to save the best till last! The Wave Sayonara makes excellent use of a premium checkered mesh, which allows for the excellent breathability that wearers have come to expect from Mizuno running shoes whilst offering a toughness rarely found in shoes of this category. Again the advantage of the U4IC midsole allowed Mizuno to add a bit more substance to the upper without compromising the race-trainer weight of this shoe. So the addition of thermo-bonded TPU overlays around the saddle area bring fantastic support to the midfoot, whilst reinforcing the laceholes and the toe bumper at the same time.

Silicon-based overlay paint, adds beautiful detail to the upper.
Silicon-based overlay paint, adds beautiful detail to the upper.

The cherry on top is the Silicon-based substance that has been used to detail the upper, this overlay-paint is strong yet flexible so it further reinforces the fit of the upper,  but adds a real depth to the aesthetics of the shoe by bring fine detailed lines to the deep Blue of the upper; this makes the shoe look like the high-level race trainer/triathlon shoe that it is.


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