The Benefits of Compression Clothing

For more than 50 years compression stockings have been used as part of the treatment for poor venous blood flow. However, in recent years compression garments have become increasingly popular amongst athletes with suggested benefits including improvements in muscular power, strength, endurance, proprioception and injury management.

Compression garments are made up of a higher denier fabric compared to the standard lycra tight’s and top’s. Enhancing strength and durability the higher denier fabric will allow stretch without losing the compression.

Everyone who exercises regularly will benefit from compression garments as they will reduce the build up of lactic acid in the muscles which will allow quicker muscle recovery. During exercise muscles are exposed to forces that cause vibration, this causes muscle fatigue.  Wearing a compression garment will reduce the vibration which in turn will help improve muscle endurance , strength and power.

Compression garments can be worn throughout the year and can be used before, during and after exercise. Whilst warming the muscles to start the moisture wicking properties will allow temperature regulation without  the skin getting hot and sweaty.

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