Thursday, September 19, 2019

Is Running Everyday Bad For You?

Is running everyday bad for you? opinions are divided on the subject, so in this blog we delve deeper to find out if it's OK to run everyday.

Stop your shoelaces coming undone

Watch this video blog and you'll find out how to lace your shoes to stop them coming undone when you're running.

SMART TRAINING – Part Two ‘Setting a Goal’

To set a goal it has to be: S M A R T A goal should provide guidance and direction. Goals like ‘lose weight’, ‘eat...
How to run a 10k race | 11 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: How to Run a 10k

The following three articles in the marathon blog series, are are designed to give you some general information about the three most popular distances that...
How to increase race pace - Hill Running | 6 of 26 Marathon Series

How to Increase My Race Pace: Hill Running

Following on from our last blog on using sprint training to increase your race pace we want to briefly cover the benefits of also integrating...
Natural Running Technique

Natural Running with the Alexander Technique

When we were young children we all used to run naturally with a forefoot strike as opposed to a heel strike. We also used...
Race Day: should I wear nipple tape? | 24 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: Should I Wear Nipple Tape?

Is nipple tape really worth wearing? You'll be surprised at the answer.
Stay Injury Free this summer

Summer Running: Tips to stay injury free this Summer

Once the sun comes out and the brief British summertime appears, there are more people making the most of it by running and exercising...

What is a minimal running shoe?

Slightly more advanced than the main image, a minimal running shoe, as the name suggests, is a minimal version of a training shoe. Comprising...
How do I stop my legs aching after Running?

How do I stop my legs aching after Running?

Part 4 of our latest advice series “runner’s questions” which aims to answer all of the most popular questions that runners have.