Tuesday, April 13, 2021
How to increase race pace - Cross-training | 7 of 26 Marathon Series

How to Increase My Race Pace: Crosstraining

One of the biggest mistakes that runners can make when trying to break through a plateau is to think that simply running more or...

Correcting Pronation with Exercise – Part 2 | Lower Leg

Pronation of the foot, or more correctly overpronation, is often the cause of many runner's injuries. This article explains how you can use strengthening and stretching to reduce overpronation, reducing the need for heavily corrective running shoes.
Running in the cold

Guide to Winter Running

“Why am I doing this?” – Usually the first thing to crop up in your mind while getting ready to go on...
Split the race into segments | 23 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: Split the Race into Segments

What is the best way to break your marathon into segments? Find out here.
What is the best warm up for running | Runners Questions

What’s the best warm up for running?

Part 17 of our latest advice series “runner’s questions” which aims to answer all of the most popular questions that runners have.

Is Running Everyday Bad For You?

Is running everyday bad for you? opinions are divided on the subject, so in this blog we delve deeper to find out if it's OK to run everyday.
Can music improve your run performance? | 10 of 26 Marathon Series

Can music improve your run performance?

Many of us like to exercise to music, but then many people are purists, who frown upon listening to music while exercising. So... who's...
How to increase race pace - Hill Running | 6 of 26 Marathon Series

How to Increase My Race Pace: Hill Running

Following on from our last blog on using sprint training to increase your race pace we want to briefly cover the benefits of also integrating...
The afterburn effect bur extra calories after working out

The Afterburn Effect: Burn Calories Doing Nothing-ish

If I were to say you could burn calories doing nothing more than sitting on the sofa, you would probably call me...
Running in the heat

Summer Running: 10 tips to beat the heat & humidity

Finally, We have some good weather! The sun is shining and we all want to don the shorts, short sleeves and get outside, but...