Tuesday, April 13, 2021
How to increase race pace - weight training | 8 of 26 Marathon Series

How to Increase Race Pace: Weight Training

So if you've been reading our Marathon Series, then you'll know exactly how effective sprint training, hill running and crosstraining are for increasing your race pace. The final...

Correcting Pronation with Exercise – Part 2 | Lower Leg

Pronation of the foot, or more correctly overpronation, is often the cause of many runner's injuries. This article explains how you can use strengthening and stretching to reduce overpronation, reducing the need for heavily corrective running shoes.
How to increase race pace: tee-total training | 9 of 26 Marathon Series

Increase Race Pace With Tee-Total Training

Most of us like a drink, in fact the majority of UK adults like to drink too much, it's in our culture and has been...
Worn out Running Shoes

Is it time for new running shoes?

  There is one question our customers ask most in store: “how do I know when it is time to replace my running shoes?” Whilst the definite...
Make yourself blister proof | 15 of 26 Marathon Series

Make Yourself Blister Proof

Blisters! Every runner's nightmare, those horrible fluid filled sacs that seem so trivial, yet can eventually stop the hardest of runners in their tracks. Surely there...

Your First Running Event

The thought of participating in your first event can be quite daunting, this guide may help things run more smoothly… Preparation when training for an...
What are the best Stretches for Running?

What are the best Stretches for Running?

Part 3 of our latest advice series “runner’s questions” which aims to answer all of the most popular questions that runners have.
How to increase race pace - sprint training | 5 of 26 Marathon Series

How to Increase Race Pace: Sprint Training

Thankfully there is hope! If you break the goal down into the simple facts, then it can give you more motivation and make the...
Netball Shoes vs. Regular Footwear

Netball Shoes vs. Regular Trainers

If you’re a netball player you will understand that rigorous demands the sport has. Sudden changes in direction, swift acceleration, constant stop/starts plus jumping...
Tapering like a marathon pro | 16 of 26 Marathon Series

Tapering Like A Marathon Pro

There are many important factors to a successful marathon, but the taper is one of the most important to get right. A lot of...