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Netball Shoes vs. Regular Trainers

If you’re a netball player you will understand that rigorous demands the sport has. Sudden changes in direction, swift acceleration, constant stop/starts plus jumping...

Correcting Pronation with Exercise – Part 2 | Lower Leg

Pronation of the foot, or more correctly overpronation, is often the cause of many runner's injuries. This article explains how you can use strengthening and stretching to reduce overpronation, reducing the need for heavily corrective running shoes.

5 Tips Every New Runner Needs to Know

More and more people are taking to running to protect and improve their health and fitness. New to running? Feeling confused or frustrated on...

Key leg strength exercises for runners

Mike Chambers is a Strength & Conditioning Coach who specialises in working with runners of all levels on their strength programme. Here he shares...

The Benefits of Running Tights

A proper pair of running tights are one of the greatest inventions for serious runners, period. We get it, they’re not always the most...

Is it time for new running shoes?

There is one question our customers ask most in store: “how do I know when it is time to replace my running shoes?” Whilst the definite...

Top 6 Kettlebell Exercises for Runners

Want to know the best kettlebell exercises for running? We discuss the top 6 kettlebell exercises for runners and how strength training is important for any runners wanting an edge.

SMART TRAINING – Part 4 ‘Monitoring & Progression’

No matter what level of participant, beginner, club athlete or elite, you should always aim to monitor your progress. So before you start any...

How can I get rid of a side stitch when running?

Part 17 of our latest advice series “runner’s questions” which aims to answer all of the most popular questions that runners have.

Race Day: Should I Wear Nipple Tape?

Is nipple tape really worth wearing? You'll be surprised at the answer.