Traditional EVA vs New Adidas Boost Technology

Adidas have gone as far as describing their new Boost technology as ‘a running revolution’, and that ‘running will never be the same’ - But what is this new magic technology, and is it really a ‘running revolution’?
Correctly fitting running shoes is important

The Benefits Of The Correct Footwear

Wearing the correct type of sports shoe is very important to maximising your sporting performance, improving comfort, prolonging the lifespan of your footwear and...
Benefits of Wearing running tights

The Benefits of Running Tights

A proper pair of running tights are one of the greatest inventions for serious runners, period. We get it, they’re not always...
The benefits of a sports bra

The Benefits of Running and Sports Bras

Research into the area of sports bras and breast biomechanics is a relatively new field that has sparked interest in the past decade with...
Why use technical running socks?

Why Technical Running Socks?

Technical running sock are a key investment to compliment your technical shoe; they provide optimal comfort run after run to keep your feet dry...
Worn out Running Shoes

Is it time for new running shoes?

  There is one question our customers ask most in store: “how do I know when it is time to replace my running shoes?” Whilst the definite...
Improve your golf swing

Can Superfeet Insoles Improve Your Golf Swing?

  Every year we look at several new insole brands and as yet we still find Superfeet to be the best all round brand. From...
Oofos recovery sandals product review

OOFOS Recovery Sandal | Review

Being a runner, you put your legs and feet through some tough workouts, without proper recovery this can lead to both long and short-term injuries...
What to wear - lower body | of 26 Marathon Series

What to Wear – Lower Body

Discover the most important items of running clothing to have in your arsenal before you run a marathon, in this article we focus on what to wear on your lower body.
Are running socks worth it?

Are Running Socks Worth it?

Part 12 of our latest advice series “runner’s questions” which aims to answer all of the most popular questions that runners have.