Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Race Day: should I wear nipple tape? | 24 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: Should I Wear Nipple Tape?

Is nipple tape really worth wearing? You'll be surprised at the answer.
Split the race into segments | 23 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: Split the Race into Segments

What is the best way to break your marathon into segments? Find out here.
Race Day: Start Slow | 22 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: Start Slow

Starting slowly is pretty sound advice for pretty much all races, not just the marathon, but here's the reasons why.
Race Day: Do Energy Gels Work? | 21 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: Do Energy Gels Work?

Many people ask are energy gels really worth it? The answer may surprise you, find out in this blog.
Race Day: How to pace your marathon | 20 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: How to Pace Your Marathon

Setting the correct pace for your marathon is a crucial task. It can lead to a lot of anxiety for many runners, as the fear...
What to wear - lower body | of 26 Marathon Series

What to Wear – Lower Body

Discover the most important items of running clothing to have in your arsenal before you run a marathon, in this article we focus on what to wear on your lower body.
What to wear - upper body | 18 of 26 Marathon Series

What to Wear – Upper Body

What to wear for a marathon is an important question, that most runners will ask themselves at some point in their running lifetime. Your...
The perfect pre-race meal | 17 of 26 Marathon Series

The Perfect Pre-Race Meal

What is the perfect pre-race meal? Is a question we get asked a lot. The pre-marathon meal starts 48 hours before the race as...
Tapering like a marathon pro | 16 of 26 Marathon Series

Tapering Like A Marathon Pro

There are many important factors to a successful marathon, but the taper is one of the most important to get right. A lot of...
Make yourself blister proof | 15 of 26 Marathon Series

Make Yourself Blister Proof

Blisters! Every runner's nightmare, those horrible fluid filled sacs that seem so trivial, yet can eventually stop the hardest of runners in their tracks. Surely there...