Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 Review – The reliable running companion

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 review

The Adrenaline GTS 23 is the one the most reliable stability running shoes on the market. It is a blueprint that just works and Brooks have stuck to the script (bearing a few improvements and tweaks) for 23 life cycles. These small iterations keep the Adrenaline GTS 23 a front runner in the stability running shoes race.

Although GTS was once known as the ‘Go-to-shoe’ with the introduction of Brooks’ guiderails technology to other models, it is now changed this to ‘go-to-stability’ which is pretty fitting.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 holds the line as a moderate stability daily running shoe. Ideal for runners looking for a traditional fit and feel with a higher drop and cushioned heel. It has a standard fit with slightly more cushioning in the midsole compared to it’s predecessors along with a slight weight reduction. The now marked ‘Guiderails’ remain ensuring smooth guidance for those that need it. Anyone who has chosen the Adrenaline (and there are a lot) will likely continue to do so as Brooks holds true the Adrenalines build and quality.

Fit and Feel:

Although some minor changes to the upper, Brooks has kept the fit to the Adrenaline GTS 23 similar to older version. 

The newly engineered 3D fir print mesh upper, meaning no overlays and no points of iteration making it a noticable difference compared to the GTS 22’s. There is no compromises to the durability or flexibility to the shoes though and there is still a good amount of structure present that helps the overall stability.

For those with wider feet will want to gravitate toward a 2E version of the shoes as this will provide the much needed space. 

The heel hosts a large and stiff counter with a good amount of padding ensuring maximum comfort and no compressing.

Most, if not all, wearers of the Adrenaline GTS 23 will find the upper a comfortable ride, although as the shoe is broken in, you may find extra tightening of the laces is needed, although this is true for most new trainers.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 is a moderate stability shoe ideal for daily training. If you have chosen these with a neutral gait or a need for heavier stability, the performance of these shoes will likely leave you feeling underwhelmed. We always recommend getting professionally fitted before purchasing.

The GTS 23 provides easy miles, the DNA loft v2 technology is soft with most of the cushioning toward the heel of the shoe. Because of this the forefoot becomes slightly firmer, but this allows for a much faster transitions between strides.

The 12mm heel drop is substantial, and noticeable, but remains comfortable and users have reported a much nicer transition to previous versions.

Although listed as slightly lighter at 10.1oz, the chances you will feel a noticeable difference to the previous 10.2oz is slim. However, it may be noticeable with less fatigue on longer runs.


The Brooks Adrenaline has always been a durable running shoe, and the GTS 23 is no exception. Aside from maybe a few wear and tear marks to the rubber on the posterior after a few miles, you can almost certainly have an above average lifespan for a daily running shoe (assuming you keep to pavements and roads).


The Guiderails stability system was welcomed with the GTS 19 model. Since then, despite some minor moderations, it is overall unchanged. Since the Guiderails are an adaptive system, it only really comes into effect when you need it to and is surprisingly effective as stabilising and balancing the feet and ankles with each landing. Brooks was one of the first brands to introduce this dynamic technology with some other brands trying a similar approach more recently.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 redesign isn’t there to blow your mind or change your views. It is simply put, an amazingly consistent running shoe that has stayed true to the Adrenaline way.

Small, feedback driven changes, improves the shoe year on year and results in one of the best stability shoes you can buy.

The DNA loft v2 midsole is softer than the previous versions providing more bounce and the adaptive Guiderail system is as reliable as ever and only there when you need it. The 12mm drop, although higher than some similar shoes, proves to be a good move for runners that need the extra support. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the lowered on future versions though.

The new engineered 3D fit upper is a strong improvement, a simpler but stronger material providing needed structure and support while staying relatively flexible. Alongside just the right amount of cushioning along the lacing system and tongue, the upper remains incredibly comfortable.

With other brands completely overhauling legacy models, Brooks has kept the line with arguably the one of the greatest running shoes in the stability category. Consistent, durable, supportive  and competitively priced. Unless they do something drastic with future version, which is unlikely, it is hard not to love the Brooks Adrenaline.

Whos is this shoe for – Runners looking for moderate stability road running shoe with a normal width and higher heel drop.

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