Adidas Boost Review

The Adidas Boost; a brand new shoe also brings us a brand new technology, as well as some of the more recognised ones from the Adidas catalogue.

My first point of contact with the Adidas Boost are with my eyes; they are treated to a very aesthetically pleasing trainer; smooth textures used in the Techfit upper,  and that contrasting rough –polystyrene like, bubbly texture used in the midsole to denote the arrival of the Boost Technology.


I examine the shoe a little further and a whole load of more familiar Key features come to light:

  • Formotion unit
  • Continental Rubber Outsole
  • Mi Coach compatibility,
  • External heel counter
  • Torsion System


  • It feels instantly comfortable, yet supportive; stable, yet lightweight; responsive, yet extremely cushioned – it makes sense, this is the effect of the new Boost Technology. Outstanding.
  • Durability – Adidas claim this sense of cushioning provided by the Boost technology is significantly more durable than traditional EVA, and should expect to get 1000 miles from the shoes.
  • Extreme grip from the exceptional outsole courtesy of Continental.


  • The new Boost technology is only available in this neutral running version and another neutral lifestyle version, therefore those who need an anti-pronation shoe will miss out for the time being.
  • The midsole used is not 100% Boost technology, but rather it possesses a significant chunk of EVA, Therefore, where the Boost element of the midsole will outlast any previous shoe, the EVA element used within the Adidas Boost will still wear out at the same rate as any other traditional running shoe. This also applies to the outsole.
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