5 Tips Every New Runner Needs to Know


With the COVID-19 virus on the loose, more and more people are taking to running to protect their health and fitness. We would like to share 5 tips everyone new to running needs to know. 

#1 – Motivation

Running is the embodiment that you can tell yourself…you can!

When you feel defeated but you tell yourself that you are in control and continue to push through is a powerful feeling of accomplishment. The biggest enemy is ourselves.

The benefits of a runner’s attitude will stretch itself out into all other aspects of your life. 

If you’re reading this, then you’re in the right place to gather all the information you need to get yourself off to a flying start. The hardest part of anything is starting.

The achievement isn’t that you finished a run, it’s that you got up and took the action to get started. Once you get up and start running, it feels amazing. 

As you keep track and watch the progress you create for yourself, it then creates a snowball effect as more and more endorphins are released.

This will give you a sense of pride and freedom, this feeling will keep you motivated and inspired to carry on through to the point you will inspire others to take up a journey of their own. 

Together we can create a positive movement in the world, for the health of ourselves, families, friends and communities. It all starts with you!

#2 – Hydration + Nutrition 

Hydration and the right nutrition can make the difference between night and day. Ensuring you’re optimally hydrated before, during and after a run will help your performance and recovery. 

Being hydrated will increase your blood volume which will allow nutrients to be transported throughout your body with greater ease. Dehydration causes thick blood and this will impair your energy and slow you down. 

What you eat before running is important. Running will burn a lot of calories!

Running on an empty stomach is never going to be as good as running with a decent meal an hour or so prior to exercising.

Food is your friend; food is your fuel. Think of your body as a car, your food is the fuel and quality hydration is the oil. 

If you’re running in the early morning and want to get out before a decent breakfast, some fruit will give you a nice carbohydrate boost to fuel your adventure. 

Runs that prolong for over 45 minutes may require additional energy during the run to keep you going. 

Eating well post run is just as important as what you eat before running. 

Although this will be subjective for every individual, if you are looking for nutritional advice on what to eat and how to keep yourself hydrated, you can check our other pages and find all the information you need to get you started.

#3 – Guidance

The path to success has already been pathed, so why try to reinvent the way?

One mistake almost every first runner makes is being pumped with motivation and running too fast too early.

Inevitably burning out very quickly and becoming disheartened and frustrated. Remember to focus on the big picture. 

You need to earn your running legs. Your lungs and vo2 max need training also. Seeking guidance is the best way you can save yourself from a whole host a troubles. 

Be realistic, set targets, start small and build yourself up. 

Before you set off on your journey, consider your running goals and set yourself up with a running programme.

Programmes stretch from achieving that first 5k to running a marathon and more.

They will get you there safely, and as quickly as possible. Stay consistent and you’ll hit your goals and reap the rewards. Running programmes for all experience levels can also be found throughout our site.

If you have a smart phone, a great starting place is use apps to track your distance, speed and mapping out your runs to quench your curiosity. Most of them are free and will allow you to track and record every step you take.

There are many different apps to pick from, so it could be worth downloading a couple of them to see which one you prefer and will benefit you the most. 

A good example is Adidas Running by Runtastic. This app will store your running goals, keep record of your activity, where you’ve been, display your progress and track the calories you’re burning.

It has a voice coach to let you know how far and how fast you’re running. It also has a regular blog full of great information to help keep you interested and enables you to link up with your running community.

The premium version will even give you a running programme fitted to your goals.

Another way to find good guidance is by joining a running club. There are many running clubs in your local area. Seek them out and join in the fun with good company.

Club members are friendly people who come from all different walks of life and are varied in their abilities depending on where they are in their journey. They can help fill you in with additional information and keep you accountable to your goals. 

#4 – Essential Clothing + Accessories  

Avoiding cotton whenever possible is advisable for all runners and athletes across the board. Tops, shorts, socks, gloves, hats and even underwear can all cause issues when they are made from cotton. Cotton holds onto moisture that it’s exposed too during perspiration and wet weather. 

Choosing the correct clothing that is made from a material that works on wicking moisture away from your body and helps to keep you dry will save you a ton of frustration in the long run. 

For example, if you’re out on a long run and accidentally run into a puddle, appropriate running socks will help wick the moisture away from your feet and within a short period of time your feet are virtually dry again.

Opposed to a cotton sock, that would hold onto the moisture and cause blisters and a build-up of bacteria, not to mention, soggy cold feet. 

Sports bras can also save you from a lot of discomfort. Getting fitted out with the right support is always recommended.

Sports bras come in different styles and fits and have varied features for a customised experience for the individual, so investing some time in picking the right bra for yourself is time well spent. 

Flip belts! Running clothes don’t usually come with deep pockets to store many items, this is to prevent excessive movement and chafing.

Flip belts will enable you to carry essential items most people like to take with them on a run, especially longer runs, and when running in new unfamiliar places.

Keys, mobile phone, wallet/cards, energy gels and energy sweets can all be held inside of a nice snug and secure belt that doesn’t chaff or create movement.

Tune belts/arm bands are also good for keeping your hands free by strapping your mobile phone to your arm, very handy for those who enjoy listening to music when running. 

If you’re in need of any clothing or accessories, you can find them all on our website or pop in store for a closer look. 

#5 – Professionally Fitted Running Shoes

Running shoes come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. There are racing flats, racing spikes, cross country spikes, road shoes, trail and fell trainers. Do you like a cushioned feel? Or do you like a more responsive shoe? Do your feet overpronate or supinate? Do you get any aches and pains or have any injuries?

Getting your goals, feet, running gait and biomechanics examined by a professional running store will give you a huge head start into your new journey.

Here, professionals can aid you with their experience to get the right pair of trainers for you, perfectly fitted and fully customised to your liking. 

There are many running stores across the UK, but here at Alexandra Sports, we have over 30 years of experience in this subject.

We pride ourselves on being the #1 running store across the UK and are at the forefront of innovation in the business. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

If you are interested in our services, you can visit our website for more information on how we achieve the greatest service possible for our customers. 

So now you’ve been officially kitted out and are part of one of the largest growing movements across the globe, we wish you all the best on your new journey.

If you happen to stumble across any problems throughout your running experience, we are here to help you every step of the way.

If the information you need cannot be found here, you can always give us a call or pop in store for professional advice. All our information can be found on our website.