Correcting Pronation with Exercise – Part 2 | Lower Leg

Pronation of the foot, or more correctly overpronation, is often the cause of many runner's injuries. This article explains how you can use strengthening and stretching to reduce overpronation, reducing the need for heavily corrective running shoes.
How to increase race pace - weight training | 8 of 26 Marathon Series

How to Increase Race Pace: Weight Training

So if you've been reading our Marathon Series, then you'll know exactly how effective sprint training, hill running and crosstraining are for increasing your race pace. The final...
Worn out Running Shoes

Is it time for new running shoes?

  There is one question our customers ask most in store: “how do I know when it is time to replace my running shoes?” Whilst the definite...
How to increase race pace: tee-total training | 9 of 26 Marathon Series

Increase Race Pace With Tee-Total Training

Most of us like a drink, in fact the majority of UK adults like to drink too much, it's in our culture and has been...
10 Running Myths

Ten Running Myths Exposed

There are many myths in the world of running, this controversial blog article sets out to expose ten common running myths and hopefully set the record straight.

Journey from couch potato to mountain marathon finisher – A Customer’s...

We asked one of our regular customers David Rogers to tell us a bit about his running and how he achieved his goals; here...
Race Day: How to run a half marathon | 12 of 26 Marathon Series

Race Day: How To Run A Half Marathon

This is the second of three articles within the marathon blog series, that are are designed to give you some general information about the three most...
Top 6 Kettlebell exercises for runners

Top 6 Kettlebell Exercises for Runners

Want to know the best kettlebell exercises for running? We discuss the top 6 kettlebell exercises for runners and how strength training is important for any runners wanting an edge.

What’s So Good About Crossfit?

Many consider it to be the be all and end all of fitness. Others simply regard it as expensive circuit training. Either way Crossfit...
Natural Running Technique

Natural Running with the Alexander Technique

When we were young children we all used to run naturally with a forefoot strike as opposed to a heel strike. We also used...