Knee Pain

Knee Pain – Part 6 Patella Dislocations

Patella Dislocations   What is a Patella Dislocation? Patella (kneecap) dislocations are quite common and can be very disconcerting to the sufferer. The Patella sits in a...

Tips to stay injury free this winter

Although a lot of us find it harder to get out in the colder months, there’s no reason why your training should suffer due...

Injury Prevention: The Importance of Stretching

When you ask someone to list all the components of fitness, i.e. speed, strength, power etc. flexibility is usually the last one mentioned. It...
Stay Injury Free This Summer

Summer Running: Tips to stay injury free this Summer

Once the sun comes out and the brief British summertime appears, there are more people making the most of it by running and exercising...

Injury Prevention: The Importance of Sports Massage

A quick guide to why sports massage is so important in helping to treat and prevent sports injuries.
Why do I get blisters under my big toe after running?

Why do I get blisters under my big toe?

Part 13 of our latest advice series “runner’s questions” which aims to answer all of the most popular questions that runners have.

Correcting Pronation with Exercise – Part 1 Glutes

Pronation of the foot, or more correctly overpronation, is often the cause of many runner's injuries. This article explains how you can use strengthening and stretching to reduce overpronation, reducing the need for heavily corrective running shoes.
Make yourself blister proof | 15 of 26 Marathon Series

Make Yourself Blister Proof

Blisters! Every runner's nightmare, those horrible fluid filled sacs that seem so trivial, yet can eventually stop the hardest of runners in their tracks. Surely there...

How to cope with the annoyance of an injury

Injuries can be the bane of any athlete's life, but whilst most of us will face some type of injury over the course of any sporting or fitness endeavour, not all of us cope with them as well as we could. This quick post may help give you hope or at least some ideas towards beating your injury.
Knee Pain

Knee Pain – Part 2 ITB Syndrome

What is the ITB? The Ilio-Tibial Band is a thick fibrous tissue (tendon) coming primarily from the Tensor Fascia Latae and Gluteus Medius muscles in...